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So Blessed!

Posted on: November 12th, 2013

Wow! What an amazing year this has been already. Although we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, it seems there are always more ups to wipe out the downs. God has redirected jobs, responsibilities and ministry opportunities. After the first of the year, Homer began working for the AFCC, American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches. Jokingly, I asked him, “Who would have ever believed that YOU would have went into full time ministry before I did?”. However, it has been such a blessing and created so many opportunities that allow us to continue to share our faith and love for Christ and the cowboy church movement.

Probably one of the biggest highlights this year came when we had the opportunity to lead our 7 year old to Christ and see her follow up with baptism. I know that as parents we pray for our children and their well being, health and happiness, but praying for their salvation is just as important. What a wonderful feeling to know that she has that relationship with Christ and that sometimes she is the one that says we need to do our Bible Study! Praise God for children, for they truly are a gift from the Lord.

When talking about gifts from God, I can’t leave out the finalization of our adoption with Eli. For those of you that have heard the story, you know what a true God moment that whole situation was. God walked with us along that journey and was faithful and just – as He promises He will be. Eli is now almost 14 months and is a wild man – not a terror, but a WILD MAN. He’s all boy and we really have our hands full!

As we move into Thanksgiving we will be in the studio recording another album. Seems hard to believe that it’s happening again. I’ve had the pleasure of writing with one of my dear friends, Randy Reeves from Crossfire Gospel Band, and will record some of those songs, along with some of my originals and a song that my parents wrote that my Dad graciously agreed to let me record. As always, I’m excited and hopeful that God shines through the lyrics in a mighty way.

The biggest WOW moment has got to be the opportunity to sing at the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas this December. I mean really, who gets to do that? I do! Doors opened and I will get to do the music at the Cowboy Church service on Sunday, December 5 and then will have a showcase later that afternoon on the NRS Stage at the MGM Grand. WOW. I’m still a little in shock over this one and it probably won’t get REAL until just moments before I hit the stage.

So as we gear up for the holidays with studio time, the NFR, and Christmas, we will ring in the New Year waiting on the new album to arrive and gear up for the Cowgirl Get Together in January – which by the way is THE EVENT to be at in Texas in January! Rumor has it this conference is considering expanding it’s ministry to other areas, so please be in prayer that God will direct the path of where it needs to go and open the doors for it to happen!

Many Blessings!

The Adoption Journey

Posted on: April 18th, 2013

Last week one of God’s amazing miracles in our life came full circle. We went to court for the finalization hearing for the adoption of our son. This means no take backs, he is ours forever!

Many of you are aware that some time ago we began the journey of adoption. Only 3 weeks after completing our home study we received “the” call. Days later we sat down and met the woman that would ultimately give us her child to raise as our own. 9 days after receiving that initial call we got to bring home this sweet little boy from the hospital at only 3 days old.

So much happened so quickly within those 9 days. So many decisions that had to be made almost without time to think them out. So many signs from God, almost daily, that confirmed that this path was the one He had chosen for us, so we continued the journey.

Over the past 7 months, what a faith walk, what a journey. So many details explainable only by the work of God’s mighty hand. Father, thank you for loving us. Thank you for trusting us with this precious life. Thank you for this birth mother who chose life and chose us, who with tears of love willingly put him into my arms and gave him to us.

Life…one of the most precious gifts of all.

1 Samuel 1:27
I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.

Meet Eli which means “in God’s honor”.Adoption

Psalms 28:6-7

Sandie Dickey